Fireplace guard and stove guard: choose safety

Fireplace guard… Have you ever heard of it? Things? How can you install it? Are the available models suitable for my stove or fireplace? Let’s find out the available models and check all the fireplace screen ideas.

Choose the perfect fireplace or wood stove protection

LIMAC Design is the first Italian company that patented an innovative Collection of stove and fireplace guard for babies, threatened from the intense heat of stoves and flames, which can reach very high temperatures and cause painful burns to the little ones.

And what about a fireplace guard for cats? They deserve safety too.

Our protection lowers the temperature by 80%. Would you trust a DIY baby stove protector? We never do. We want to offer an elegant, discreet, reliable and durable product, made piece by piece with top quality materials.

If our Firestyle Collection is devoted to elegance and fire corner styling, it is equally important to think about safety, to enjoy carefree moments with the whole family. The models proposed by LIMAC Design and adapt to any type of stove and fireplace. They are beautiful, practical and above all removable heat shields.

Let’s see our technical products.

SCUDY is made of steel and has a metal appendage to be inserted under the stove. Our baby protector is a heat-capturing screen that can be removed as needed. Choose SCUDY if your stove is equipped with feet and has at least 4 mm. of space between the floor and the structure.

protezione stufa


HERMO is a dual screen device. The first, in anthracite color, wraps around the front of the stove and is fixed with 4 side clamps. The second internal screen, removable if necessary, further “captures” the heat. HERMO is suitable for all types of stoves.

protezione stufa


SUPERKA is made of black painted steel. This protection is equipped with 4 powerful magnets that attach to the metal frame of the door around the glass. Choose SUPERKA if the edge of the stove is made of iron and measures at least 3 centimeters thick around the glass.


The new model GRIKA is suitable for your stove or fireplace if they have the edge made of iron or cast iron and measure at least 3 centimeters thick around the glass; The protection must be about cm. 2 smaller than the door, in both width and height.

protezione stufa


If the edge of your stove is rather thin and you fear that the magnets are not enough to anchor the protection, choose KALAMÌ, equipped with both magnets and anchoring brackets.

protezione stufa


That’s incredible, don’t you think?

LIMAC Design has really thought of every need. Now you can choose the fireplace guard that best suits your needs. If you are unsure which size to choose, please contact us. Also remember that our company also produces custom-made guards on request. Provide for the safety of children and pets today and enjoy your fireplace from autumn to spring.


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