Why to choose a customized fireproof mat for fireplace by LIMAC Design

A customized fireproof mat for fireplace by LIMAC Design it is the ideal solution to protect the house floor from ash and incandescent material.

Autumn is approaching, wood or pellet stoves, large and small fireplaces are coming back on, and all of them need the appropriate equipment to be managed safely and create the perfect atmosphere.

A fire resistant mat helps you keep the fire corner clean and tidy, as well as reducing the risk of sparks or ash damaging the parquet or a fine floor. It is a very useful tool for the whole family safety.

We know well that every home is special and the space available is always different: proposing a customized fireproof mat for fireplace can be the right solution.

Another unique feature of these items is that they can be quickly removed and repositioned when needed.

Let’s see together which are the fire resistant mats for fireplace or stove of the Firestyle collection by LIMAC Design and how to request a customized fireproof mat for fireplace, to meet every need.

The patterns available on LIMAC Design.com

On our e-commerce you will find the three mats TAQUA, TASTO and TAPETIN.

They all handmade in Italy and available in three colors: dark brown, black and anthracite.

These fire resistant carpets have different shapes and sizes, but we at LIMAC Design want to offer you more: by filling out the form under each model you can request a quote for your customized fire resistant mat, choosing shape and size. You will then be contacted back by our Sales Department.

If you need a suggestion, choose one of our proposals:

TASTO dimensions: cm. 100 x 110, thickness cm. 0.5, with 2 90 ° corners and 2 rounded corners.

TAQUA dimensions: cm. 100 x 110, thickness cm. 0.5, with 4 90 ° angles.

Dimensions of TAPETIN: cm. 50 x 110, thickness cm. 0.5.

tappetino ignifugo

Fireproof eco-leather mat TAPETIN

Customize TAPETIN
tappeto ignifugo

Fine fireproof mat TAQUA

Customize TAQUA
tappetino ignifugo

Fireproof floor protector TASTO

Customize TASTO

Our artisans make these items with the best materials, combining eco-leather with fireproof material.

The bottom layer makes the mat more stable and acts as an anti-slip system.

Our fireproof mats conform to the international 1-IM standard. This means that this material does not catch fire, but if it comes into contact with fire, we recommend taking action immediately to avoid damaging the fireproof carpet.

The fire-retardant stove and fireplace mats are an indispensable item to protect the floor and complete the furnishing of your fire corner. In the shop you will also find sets of tools for fireplaces, pellet holders and design log holders, handcrafted with top quality materials.

These items too can be customized with initials, dedications or logos to give a unique and personal touch or to make a special gift.

Visit our shop to request your customized fireproof mat for fireplace for winter and don’t miss a thing: follow us on LIMAC Design’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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