Spring 2022 furniture trends, must-have items


Spring 2022 furniture trends, here you have everything you need to know! Summer is coming closer: as LIMAC Design, we have compiled for you a special list of the 5 must-have items for Spring 2022.

Multi-purpose containers in vegetable fiber

The new season comes with the desire to spend some time outdoors, with the passion for gardening and for green balconies and terraces. The multipurpose containers in vegetable fiber are perfect for hosting jars and fresh flowers. With their simple but effective design they are cool centerpieces for your lunches with friends.

Our set CLEO is a splendid example of how these containers can give a touch of light and refinement to the entire environment.
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CLEO storage set

Design laundry basket

For an always elegant and tidy bathroom, a vintage laundry basket is the ideal solution. It’s easy to imagine it in a house by the sea or in the countryside, useful for a quick washing machine between a one-day trip and another. It is also a fundamental accessory to elegantly hide the chaos that inevitably comes out in our everyday life.

QUAVI is our laundry basket with Vienna straw inserts; on our e-commerce you can find other classic and cool laundry baskets.


QUAVI laundry basket

Closet organizer containers

Spring is also the time for big cleaning, so the key word is functionality. To contain your winter clothes, sheets, or a special dress from creases or stains, closet organizer containers are more than reliable allies. We know beauty is a top priority: regenerated leather is a resistant and refined material, excellent for a perfectly tidy wardrobe.

Our line of GABRY organizers has traveled all over the world, making happy several customers who wanted a classy product in their walk-in closet.
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GABRY organizer container

Elegant and colorful umbrella stand

The spring weather is crazy, we all know. Let’s be foresight: accessorize your entrance with an useful umbrella stand for ypur family and guests of your home. If you are looking for something elegant, that matches perfectly with your home decor, you probably need an object designed by experienced designers.

XIDRA is our umbrella stand in fine leather, available very recently in the new red-orange color, for a sparkling and springy touch.
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XIDRA umbrella stand

The colors of Spring 2022

Our last tip is about colour! Spring brings with it an explosion of pastel shades. The most popular colors this spring 2022 are mint green, red-orange, cerulean and lavender.

We at LIMAC Design also wanted to use some of these shades for our products. The first is the red-orange color already available for the DIURNUS and XIDRA products from the prestigious LIMAC Design Class collection.

The second is an exclusive new release: it is a delicate shade of lavender. Are you curious? Follow us on our social media to check the products coming in this new color.


LIMAC Design colors

So, here you have the spring 2022 furnishing trends. Don’t miss a thing: follow us on LIMAC Design’s Facebook and Instagram pages. And if you want more, visit our shop to find, among many variations and colors, the right products for your home decor.

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