The QULUX design desk pad in real  leather is a leather desk accessory from the LIMAC Design® Class line, made in prestigious cuoietto leather.
Made with the collaboration of Italian artisans in the leather processing sector, it has a distinctive sign in its design that encompasses refinement and the pleasure of surrounding yourself with unique objects.
The design desk pad in leather has a unique design, created by the LIMAC Design® Designer studio, it is an original set for the office, home and hotel.

The design desk pad in real  leather has the following dimensions:
– Desk pad in leather, dimensions cm. 60×40;

the measurements indicate the maximum size.
Upon request, the QULUX desk pad can be made to measure with dimensions that can satisfy every need.
You can compose your desk set with the other accessories of the Qulux line:
– Pocket emptier in leather, dimensions cm. 15 x 13 x 4.5 (h)
– Leather pen holder, dimensions cm. 10 x 10 x 11.5 (h)

If you are looking for a classic and refined product that is functional as well as beautiful, this is the piece of furniture for you.
The QULUX design desk set in leather with its accessories is available in a wide range of elegant, sober and refined colours, to satisfy every need.

The cuoietto has a very fine, almost smooth print, with a uniform colour; it is an easy-to-clean material, intended to cover long-lasting products.
This splendid set of leather accessories, as well as all LIMAC Design® products, can be customized by our craftsmen with drawings, coats of arms and dedications; each item becomes even more refined and particular, perfect for institutional contexts, or as an unforgettable gift for special occasions.
How do I clean the QULUX Design Desk Set?
We recommend not to use detergents or solvents to clean the QULUX desk set: a cloth moistened with water is sufficient.
The elegant set of QULUX accessories will shine like a designer jewel inside your home, or it will become a wonderful gift for someone you love.
Limac Design® creates a dedicated object for you and will send it to whoever you want within the requested time frame with your personal dedication.

Skin colour

White, Quartz Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Orange Red, Safari, Natural Siena

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