The Valet Tray in Prestigious Genuine Leather RITLUX is an accessory of the LIMAC Design® Class line, for the Office and meeting rooms.
This essential desk accessory with an original and elegant design was born on an exclusive design by LIMAC Design and made in prestigious leather by the expert hands of our Italian craftsmen.
The Valet Tray in Prestigious Genuine Leather RITLUX has the following dimensions:
– cm. 17 x 17 x 6 (h);
the dimensions indicate the maximum size of the article.
The pocket emptier is available in 5 refined nuances that never go out of style: Dark Brown, Orange, Brown, Black, Beige.
The LIMAC Design® office line is full of proposals for every need and solution for the home, office, hotel.
Made of prestigious leather, the Ritlux and Leilux pen holders are available to enrich and complete your desk, as well as the desk pad.
Designed to harmonize perfectly with the design furnishings of even the most prestigious and institutional contexts, the Prestigious Genuine Leather Pocket Tray can become a special gift for a person you love, to celebrate a milestone in the studio or professionally.
The items in the Limac Design line for the office and meetings can be customized with a logo or dedication as well as in size to satisfy every type of desire.
The collection dedicated to the Office by LIMAC Design was created for all those who know how to pay real attention to detail and want to bring elegance to the workplace as well.
Made of prestigious leather, technically cuoietto, of high quality which is produced in full compliance with the European regulation.
It is a resistant, easy to clean, long-lasting product which takes on valuable shades over time.
Attention: like all leather products, pay the utmost attention not to stain with any kind of pen.
The craftsmanship makes each piece a unique and unrepeatable item.
All LIMAC Design products are unique handcrafted pieces destined to last over time, ambassadors of Made in Italy elegance.
Made of genuine leather, the Ritlux luxury Valet Tray is an accessory that combines utility with quality.
Modern and functional, the pocket emptier is the inevitable complement for the office and study.
Produced by Italian craftsmen on an exclusive design, the valet tray is part of the Limac Design® Class line.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm

Beige, Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Orange, Red

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