The organizer in recycled rubber HAPNE is the innovative proposal for the living room by LIMAC Design, produced with recycled materials.

It is a practical and capacious organizer for the home made of recycled rubber, coming from authentic bicycle tires. The story of this unique product of its kind begins when the craftsman carefully selects the materials destined for recovery.

The tires are overhauled, washed, tested and finally expertly hand-woven until the final product is obtained. The result is a container of unique, ecological and eco-sustainable design. The bottom is made of resistant multilayer material, on which 4 practical rubber wheels are engaged; they are designed to allow agile movement, but at the same time preserve even the most delicate floors.

The dimensions of the innovative HAPNE container are as follows: – diameter cm. 48 – height cm. 45

It is not difficult to imagine it as a complement to refined and extremely modern furnishings, or to give an industrial touch to home decor. This piece of furniture immediately attracts attention, also demonstrating the sensitivity to environmental issues of those who own it. The HAPNE recycled rubber container will bring a unique touch to your living room.

It can also become an original gift, perfect for those who pay attention to ecological issues even when furnishing the home or, simply, love the industrial and contemporary style.

Why recycled rubber?

Recycling is a response to the need for a more sustainable construction world with a reduced environmental impact. Recycled rubber is a valuable resource, resource and source of inspiration for innovative design projects. After having undergone a thorough washing eliminating imperfections, the tire is processed by inserting a backbone of rigid material in order to allow the article to have a structure and not flex when loading.

The organizer in recycled rubber HAPNE is an exclusive product of LIMAC Design®, a leader in the sector of accessories for fire, home, offices and hotels.

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 60 cm

Bedroom, Hotel Business, Living




Recycled rubber

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