The vertical column in steel for Ercole and Verty LECOR is made by LIMAC Design® for the ERCOLE and VERTY line.
Black painted steel structure with bell-shaped platform.
Prepared with 32 holes to insert accessories and customize the Ercole coat hanger or the Verty vertical bookcase as desired.
Limac Design® patented attachment system.

Vertical column for Ercole and Verty LECOR has the following dimensions:
– height cm. 170
– base diameter cm. 40

Assembly is easy, simple and quick and with the accessories from the Limac Design line you can create a perfect coat hanger for the home, offices or hotels.
LECOR is also the vertical column to create the Verty bookcase and the countless variations that you can obtain thanks to the accessories equipped with the personalized hooking system that allows you to customize your bookcase for each furnishing.
The combinations are many.

All LIMAC Design products are unique handcrafted pieces designed to last over time, ambassadors of Made in Italy elegance.

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 180 cm


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