The Modular accessory set for coat hanger ERCOLE is a LIMAC Design® proposal for those who want to customize the coat hanger.
This innovative and original coat hanger has a black painted steel structure on which to insert, thanks to the innovative patented system, the accessories you want.
The structure is in fact equipped with holes placed at different heights, allowing the accessories to be fixed in the desired position.
Assembly is easy, simple and quick.
For example, an umbrella stand covered in leather.

Or pocket trays, hangers for jackets and coats, mirrors, shelves… everything that can be used for a classy furnished entrance.
The set of modular accessories for ERCOLE coat hanger is produced in Italy by our craftsmen.
These elements, made of regenerated leather and available in different colors.

The Modular accessory set for coat hanger ERCOLE is the ideal furnishing accessory for a refined and elegant environment, such as the hall of a hotel, the reception room of a prestigious studio; for all these environments, it is necessary to combine functionality and objects with attention to the smallest details.
Assembly is absolutely intuitive and fast, because the best ideas arise from simplicity.
The elements of ERCOLE are made of regenerated leather in these classic and elegant colours: Dark Brown; White; Red; Brown; Grey; Black; Dove grey.

This splendid coat hanger, like all LIMAC Design products, can be personalized by our craftsmen with drawings, coats of arms and dedications; each item becomes even more refined and particular, perfect for institutional contexts, or as an unforgettable gift for special occasions.

The ERCOLE designer coat hanger in steel and leather will shine like a designer jewel in your home, or will become a splendid gift for someone you love.

Regenerated leather is a high quality eco-compatible material that is produced in full compliance with European regulations; it is a resistant, easily cleanable, long-lasting product that allows you to limit the use of animal skins.

All LIMAC Design products are unique handcrafted pieces designed to last over time, ambassadors of Made in Italy elegance.

Weight 39,02 kg
Dimensions 58 × 58 × 58 cm

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