Seaside interiors: how to furnishing a boat but not only.

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Seaside interiors: hearing these words it is immediate to start dreaming of the sea foam, long journeys towards the sunset, moments of relaxation and lightheartedness with friends. Let’s find out how to furnishing a boat by combining functionality and elegance and how to recreate the seaside style at home, to travel even only with the imagination.

LIMAC Design designs and manufactures items for the living area in leather and precious materials in soft and delicate colors, perfect for yacht interior design. Do you love white or vintage nautical furniture? Our catalog offers many solutions to match the perfect boat decor accessories.

Here are some tips on how to furnishing the boat of your dreams.

Rope handles for a perfect seaside style

LIRA is a magazine rack with rope handles, in perfect seaside style. It is made of double-layered regenerated leather, a durable, easily cleanable, long-lasting eco-friendly material. It is an elegant solution to tidy up the books, newspapers, books and magazines that accompany you on your travels. This beautiful article, as well as all LIMAC Design products, can be customized by our craftsmen with drawings, badges and dedications.


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For a nautical bathroom

CLEXI is a prestigious leather laundry basket from the LIMAC Design Class Collection, designed in collaboration with Studio Nove.3 Designers. This large laundry basket is one of our most popular items for decorating the interiors of boats: it is a refined design item, created to discreetly and elegantly contain clothes, sheets, blankets and all that is necessary. CLEXI is available in a wide range of elegant, sober and refined colors, to satisfy every need. To complete the set, extra pure cotton covers are also available.



Organize it like a sailor

On a boat, you know, everything must have its own place, and the right container. Here you have a solution to better organize the space and furnishing in nautical style: The three containers of the KETTY set are complete with a removable cotton bag, ideal as empty pockets and jewelry boxes, made of regenerated leather, double layer, inside and outside.



For the official moments

The last tip will surprise you. A boat can also be a place for formal meetings, it is perfect for building relationships, signing agreements, celebrating professional goals. In short, the desk can carve out a very relevant place. It is precisely for important desks that the splendid MEDUNA desk set was born. Why is it brilliant? Because it is equipped with handcrafted pen-stop seams, which make it perfect for decorating a boat that travels on the waves. MEDUNA consists of 5 very useful accessories: MEDEA half moon desk pad, with non-stick base; a pen holder, letter opener, an object holder and a document holder, finally the Servus model waste paper bin; everything is made of leather. This office set can also be customized by our craftsmen with drawings, badges and dedications.


These were our tips for seaside style lovers. If you’re looking for inspiration for furnishing a boat, for yacht furniture and accessories or simply for your home, visit our shop and choose from the many models available.

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