Luxury leather bottle bag LEWIN


The LEWIN luxury bottle holder bag is made of genuine leather with handcrafted stitching, produced in Italy.
Complete and enhance every gift for those you love by transmitting your taste for design and quality.

EAN: 8056324261148

The luxury leather bottle bag LEWIN is the new proposal by LIMAC Design® for those who want to make a gift that leaves a mark.
Developed by the LIMAC Design® design office and created with the collaboration of Italian artisans who with decades of experience create small works of art every day.
LEWIN bottle storage is innovative line allows you to enhance the bottle it contains, making your gift unique and unforgettable.
The modern and minimal design of this exclusive wine bottle bag makes it a refined and elegant object.
With LEWIN you can transform your gift into a magical moment, a gift box that represents you and will remain indelible over time.
A leather bottle box that will adorn your home, office or hotel, giving you pleasure and elegance to your guests.

Dimensions of the LEWIN bottle holder:
– Width cm. 20
– Depth cm. 2
– height cm. 39
The dimensions refer to the empty bottle storage.
LEWIN product does not include the bottle.
LEWIN can hold a lt. 1 bottle.

The luxury leather bottle bag LEWIN is made of real leather and proposed in the combination of black and brown colors, with hand-stitched contrasting stitching.
This refined piece of furniture is an ideal solution for arranging bottles of all kinds, it can be placed in a strategic point of the living area, in a showcase or shelf.

The prestigious leather has a very fine, almost smooth print, with a uniform colour; it is an easy-to-clean material, intended to cover long-lasting products.
This splendid bottle holder, as well as all LIMAC Design products, can be customized by our craftsmen with drawings, coats of arms and dedications; each item becomes even more refined and particular, perfect for institutional contexts, or as an unforgettable gift for special occasions.
The elegant LEWIN prestigious leather bottle box will shine like a designer jewel in your home, or it will become a wonderful gift for someone you love.

Package Weight 5 kg
Package Dimensions 35 × 25 × 8 cm


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