Pellet storage bin with scoop VIPEL


The set VIPEL is composed of a storage bag for the pellets and shovel, all in regenerated leather with a practical and ergonomic handle.
Designed and produced in Italy by Limac Design, the basket can contain over a 15 kg bag of pellets.


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The pellet storage bin with pellet scoop VIPEL, designed by LIMAC DESIGN®, is the pellet bucket set consisting of a basket for pellets and ascoop.

The bucket, made of regenerated leather both outside and inside, comfortably holds bags of pellets up to 15kg.

The set is available in a wide variety of colors, with contrasting or matching stitching on request. The pellet shovel is also made of leather: both pieces are equipped with a comfortable ergonomic handle for a solid grip and facilitate movement anywhere.

This set, in addition to being useful and functional, is a real design container to complete the living area, positioned next to the stove or fireplace. The attention to detail makes the VIPEL indoor pellet rack a functional and beautiful piece of furniture, ideal for giving that touch of design to home furnishings.

It is great as a gift for a friend who is opening a new home, as an item to add to the wedding list.

On request Limac Design® can customize the items in the catalog with dimensions, dedications and logos that make your item unique, creating an object that manages to express affection and attention.

The design pellet storage bin with pellet scoop VIPEL is made entirely in Italy by Italian master craftsmen.

Dimensions of the pellet bucket and pellet shovel:

Pellet storage bin VIPEL (maximum overall dimensions of the product): diameter Ø cm. 35, height cm. 40.

Scoop PIRIA (maximum overall dimensions of the product): length cm. 23, diameter 6,5 cm.

Regenerated leather is a 100% ecological and eco-sustainable material, composed of 98% natural products (without synthetic fibers, cellulose or other) and 70% natural leather fibers. This high-quality ecological material is produced in full compliance with European regulations, and is the only natural material that has the rigidity to allow us to obtain this product. It is a resistant, easy to clean, long lasting product.

NB: Bin not comprehensive of pellet

Package Weight 21,47 kg
Package Dimensions 45 × 45 × 53 cm



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