Decorating home in minimalist style

Decorating home in minimalist style, here are some suggestions by LIMAC Design. Let’s see together what are the perfect materials, colors and shapes to add the minimalist style in your interior design.

LIMAC Design believes in essentiality and in the use of a few valid elements that know how to enhance the beauty of any environment. When a home decor project is right and you have high quality products, it is not necessary to add several other  elements, but “less is more”. So let’s find out how to decorating home in minimalist style with LIMAC Design suggestions.

What is minimalist design style

This term was coined by the English philosopher Richard Wollheim in the mid-1960s and quickly took hold in both art, architecture and interior design.

In his Manifesto he explains that minimalism is the reduction to the essence, a return to the basic elements. It is a real path of purification from the superfluous, which can also be read from a spiritual perspective. Speaking of the works of the famous artist Frank Stella, in 1960 Carl Andre defined minimalism as an “avoid the superfluous”.

The minimal style for the home comes into a special attention to linear, geometric lines and shapes; for sober and neutral colors; for natural properties of materials.

stile minimal

Frank Stella, Mas o menos

Choose a minimalist magazine rack for your living room

VANDA is a roomy and handy newspaper rack, equipped with side handles for a solid grip.

Everything comes back to basics: the shapes are clean and geometric, the craftsmanship maintains the properties of the regenerated leather without altering it.

It is available in various colors, with contrasting or matching stitching; it is the ideal complement for the living room, but also for waiting rooms and offices with a minimalist style.

portariviste vanda giallo

VANDA newspaper rack

Minimalist bathroom, how to furnish it

If you dream of a minimalist style bathroom, you are spoiled for choice among the many simple, elegant and functional models of laundry baskets made of regenerated leather.

RICKY is an oval-shaped laundry basket from the LIMAC Design Home collection. This splendid laundry basket comes complete with a leather lid and a removable, hand-sewn cotton bag.

It can perfectly match the minimalist style of wellness centers, swimming pools and spas, all those contexts where functionality goes together with elegance and attention to detail.

portabiancheria cuoio ricky

RICKY laundry basket

Minimalist entrance? Choose the essentials

For the entrance to the house it is better to avoid clutter and prefer a few functional and useful items, without forgetting elegance.

REGEN is an elegant cylindrical indoor umbrella stand, equipped with a practical handle.

The modern design of this fine umbrella stand is essential and sober, but its elegance matches perfectly with classic and refined furnishings. This item is also available in a wide range of colors.

REGEN umbrella stand

What do you think? These are just some of LIMAC Design’s suggestions for decorating home in a minimalist style.

If you are into this design trend and would like to give a new touch to your home decor, or you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one who is planning their new home according to this style, do not hesitate and visit our shop!

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