DAS RIVUS, Boutique Suites


DAS RIVUS, Boutique Suites | Leogang, Österreich | Weber Interior Design & Decoration

The value of the craftmanship lies above all in the possibility of personalizing each item adapting it to the needs of each customer.

Every need for space requires a solution, and this is the case of the Hotel Rivius Boutique Suites in Leogang.

Our client was looking for a mirror model adaptable to the particular structure of the rooms.

You may admire our mirror Effigies, suitably customized at the level of the regenerated leather buckle suspended between two areas of the room, recreating an idea of lightness and elegance.


LIMAC Design has created a special line of furnishing accessories for hotellerie and proposes ideas for any ambience.

Your guests will appreciate the refined leather-covered hangers, the practical pocket emptiers, the cupboard bins, the waste paper baskets and laundry baskets made of precious materials.